By signing this hire agreement form, the hirer is accepting the terms and conditions below.
Agree to inspect bicycle(s) prior to signing this agreement and confirm that they are in a satisfactory state and safe and fit for purpose.
Agrees that they or anyone in their party will not undertake any maneuver that is beyond their skill level or unsuitable for the bike’s capacity.
Agrees to fully indemnify Blueway Bike Hire against injury to anyone within my party and any damage to property.
Declares that we are in good health and our eyesight is to the standard required for a road driving test. We are not suffering from any medical conditions or disability that is likely too adversely affect our normal control of the bicycle.
Accepts that cycle helmets and high-vis vests have been offered and should I/We accept not to use them, then I/We accept full responsibility. I have inspected the helmets and equipment prior to signing this agreement and I can confirm that they are fit for purpose and free from any defects and damage.
Declares that all my party recognise that cycling carries risk, and that we are aware of these risks.
Agrees that all Bicycles in my party will be securely locked to an immovable object, whenever they are left unattended.
Agrees to pay in advance for the full hire period of the bicycles by debit/credit card.
Agrees to leave debit/credit card details as security against any potential loss or damage to any bicycle in our hire.
Agrees that the credit/debit card details, will be debited for the full cost of any loss/damage, to any bicycle within our hire, if caused by willful neglect, by me or by anyone within my party.

COVID-19 Policy Updates

Blueway Bike Hire has updated their policy in relation to COVID-19 and will continue to keep up to date with government guidance.
Hand sanitser and disinfecting wipes will be provided at the bike collection point.
Hirers are to adhere to government guidance e.g. to social distance, good hand hygiene, good respiratory hygiene, etc.

Bike Hirers will not use the bike hire if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. They will not use the bike hire if they have been in contact with a confirmed case within the last 14 days or if they are awaiting test results.
Bicycles, helmets and Hi-Vis jackets will be cleaned and disinfected to standard before and after use by Blue way Hire.